Dr. Zone
Dr Zone (horse) ibx
Gender: Male
Age: Around 40 or 50
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Wilder West"
Last Appearance:
  "The Wilder West"

Dr. Zone is a racehorse that belongs to the Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch.


In "The Wilder West", Javier tells Sara and the Dr. Zone fan club that he was referring to the horse and not the real Dr. Zone, after which they take pictures of the location thinking it was where episode 576 of the series was filmed. Afterward, he reveals that the ranch was actually the shooting location of the episode and they named the horse after Dr. Zone, to which she sings that she knew it.

Physical Appearance

Dr. Zone appears to be an old horse. He has grey skin and a white tail. Three of his hooves are black, while a fourth one appears to be grey or white. He has multiple gray spots over his body.