Doctor Zone
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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Friends and Family
Unnamed Mother
Time Ape (brother)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Doctor Zone Files"
Voiced by:
Jemaine Clement

Dr. Hankry Zone is a popular television show character. His eponymous show airs every Saturday during "tea time". He's voiced by Jemaine Clement.


Dr. Zone is the protagonist of a television series of the same name that has been running in various forms for the past fifty years, and features his adventures alongside his sidekick Time Ape against various foes, such as the Trash Candroids. Within the show he is played by Orton Mahlson. The show has a considerable following.

In the series itself, Dr. Zone is alien cyborg time traveller who was one of the last survivors of a doomed planet. He was separated from his brother due to the escape ship, that was used to send him off the planet as an infant, only having room for one of them. After becoming an adult and acquiring his Time Bee-icle, Dr. Zone encountered another time traveller, a transchronological being with a form beyond the comprehension of any normal person. So he changed his appearance to become Time Ape. The Doctor Zone Files The Movie Files later revealed that Time Ape was in fact Dr. Zone's brother who had been mutated when their planet imploded but later re-assumed his true form before being reunited with his brother.


He has orange brown hair, pink skin, and slender-built, he wears black trench coat, a dark brown hat with a square goggles on top, a maroon shirt underneath it alongside with a white undershirt with an orange handkerchief, a present box on his right arm, a left foot that is either robotic or wears a metallic boot, and the right foot wearing a brown, strapped sandal belonging to the roman era, he also wears a metallic backpack.


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  • The actor who plays Dr. Zone is named Orton Mahlson.
    • Orton is originally from New Zealand. [1]
  • His show closely resembles popular British show Doctor Who, though unlike that series Dr. Zone's actor/appearance is not shown to change throughout the 50 year run of his show.
  • During his show's intro, the face of Dr. Zone's future self bears some resemblances to that of Aloyse Von Roddenstein, a villain that appeared on Phineas and Ferb.
  • He was inspired to make Doctor Zone through meeting time travels Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish.



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