"Don't Break Me"
No breaky
Song by Aaron Daniel Jacob
Genre(s): Pop
Aaron Daniel Jacob chronology
Current: "Don't Break Me"

Don't Break Me is the song heard in the episode "Sunny Side Up", while Milo, Zack, and Melissa try to create a structure which could save an egg from breaking after a long fall.


(Milo: Whoa!)

You best be careful how you handle me

I'm not as sturdy as you think

You're too in touch with your adrenal gland, you see

I don't wanna be your weakest link

Hey, (Hey!) don't break me

Don't wanna crack in my precious shell

Keep your wild abandon to yourself

Hey (Hey!), don't break me

Don't wanna be your lightning rod

Like the view just fine here from the shelf

So, baby, please don't break me

(Hey!) (Hey!)

Please don't break me (Hey!)

Ha! (Hey!)

Please don't break me (Hey!)



BMI Work #24029344

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