Don't Break Me
No breaky
Song by Aaron Daniel Jacob
Released: October 4th, 2016
Genre(s): Pop, rock
Length: 1:08
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Milo Murphys Law - Dont Break Me SONG

Milo Murphys Law - Dont Break Me SONG

Don't Break Me is the song heard in the episode Sunny Side Up, while Milo, Zack, and Melissa try to create a structure which could save an egg from breaking after being dropped from the gym's roof.


You best be careful how you handle me,
I'm not as sturdy as you think.
You're too in touch with your adrenal gland, you see,
I don't wanna be your weakest link.

Hey, (Hey!) don't break me.
Don't wanna crack in my facade,
Keep your wild abandon to yourself.

Hey, (Hey!) don't break me.
Don't wanna be your lightning rod.
Like the view just fine here from the shelf,
So, baby, please don't break me.

Please don't break me.

Please don't break me.



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I found this one to be tricky because of the pauses when singing the lyrics. I'm pretty sure I have the chord changes in the right place. The main thing is the chords go, Em 2 3 4, D 2 3 4, Em 2 3 4, D 2 3 4, ext. through the whole song except For the G, B7 part.
I'm not 100% sure about the B7. Strict adherence to the key of E minor says it should be Bm, but that doesn't sound right. Also, to play this the way it's heard in the episode you need to tune to D. (I've posted it in standard tuning) and play the D a whole step down from the Em rather than almost an octave higher.

On keys the left hand is playing the Em and D chords while the right is playing the following notes;
B, A,
D, E,
B, A, G, F#, D,
B, A,
D, E,
B, A, G, F#, D,
E, over and over again.

Chord chart for guitar;
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Dont break chords


BMI Work #24029344

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