City of Danville
The City of Danville
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Danville is a fictional town in the United States of America and the setting of both Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law.

Danville was first confirmed as a setting of Milo Murphy's Law when it was listed on the town map used by Dakota and Cavendish to drive a pistachio truck from A Street to B Street. ("Worked Day") Jefferson County is the portion of Danville Milo Murphy's Law takes place in.


  • In the year 2000 a man started some kind of llama trend making many theatres filled with shows with llamas acting in them.


Notable Locations

Animal Sanctuary Zoo

The Zoo

The Animal Sanctuary Zoo is a location in Danville that was visited by Milo, Sara, and Zack in "We're Going to the Zoo".

Appearances: "Sunny Side Up", "We're Going to the Zoo"

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