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Nolan Mtchell
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (mid 40's)
Professional Information
  Jefferson County Middle School
Friends and Family
Jefferson County Middle School Faculty
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Sunny Side Up"
Voiced by:
Kevin Michael Richardson

Nolan Mitchell is the gym coach of Jefferson County Middle School.


Coach Mitchell is an overweight middle aged African American man. He is bald on the top of his head with black hair on the sides and back with brown eyes.

He wears a light blue t-shirt with with dark blue sleeves. He wears black pants and gray sneakers.


Coach Mitchell is a man who enjoys when his team wins games. He expresses a desire for the best players, as he hoped for new outfielders in The Math Book.


He was depressed, as he felt the Geckos were going to lose, even inviting Milo as he felt winning was a lost cause. However, he perked up as the geckos kept scoring and tried to fly when his team won the game, believing he was dreaming. ("Rooting for the Enemy")

He acted as chaperone along with Ms. Murawski for the Niagara Falls Fling. He looked solum all night. ("School Dance")

He told Milo, Melissa and Zack that the janitor was on the roof after they returned a foul ball to him during baseball practice. He also told them he felt Fred is guiding him with messages. ("The Math Book")

He was in charge of steering the S.S. Indulgence for a field trip. Things went smoothly until he got a pelican stuck in his life vest and caused the yacht to crash on an island. He, along with a majority of the faculty, went feral within seconds of being shipwrecked. He tried to fight Principal Milder for dominance until three of the students found them and told them of a title wave that could take them all home. They all make it back to Danville.


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