Chad Van Coff
Gender: Male
Hometown: Danville
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Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Going The Extra Milo
Voiced by:
Django Marsh
Chad: -And we've never seen his reflection in the mirror.

Melissa: I've never seen your reflection in a mirror, Chad.
Chad: Oh no... I'm a Vampire!

— Chad and Melissa discussing whether Mr. Drako is a vampire, Athledecamathalon

Chad Van Coff is a student of Jefferson County Middle School and one of Milo's classmates. He is obsessed with his theory that one of their teachers, Mr. Drako, is a vampire.

He is voiced by Django Marsh.[1]


Chad generally acts very dramatically, regardless of the situation, and surrounds himself with supernatural theories that he seems to believe wholeheartedly. The most prominent of his theories is that one of their teachers, Mr. Drako, is a vampire.


Chad has the tendency to jump to conclusions with little to no proof, and often acts on his theories in a very real way, enlisting the help of other students when he can. His constant dramatic behavior, such as rising up from behind Melissa's desk, or giving up the Athledecamathalon just because he lost a shoe, often gets him in trouble from Melissa, although other students don't seem to mind as much.

Physical Appearance

Chad has a stocky build and broad shoulders. He has a round face, brown eyes, and short brown hair with bangs.

He wears a navy-blue short sleeve shirt that has a single, light blue stripe across the middle, with the collar and the end of the shirt's sleeves being much darker in color. His pants are dark grey, with visible pockets and seams on the sides, and he wears brown sneakers with white laces. He also has braces.


In Going the Extra Milo, he waited at the bus stop when Milo and Zack were being chased away by a concrete drainage pipe and bet they would be late, which he lost.

In Party of Peril, Chad attended Milo's surprise party despite hesitations.

In Worked Day, he attended career day with his class.

In Murphy's Lard, he was drenched in Lard at Lard World with Lydia.

In Athledecamathalon, he expresses suspicion that Kyle Drako is a real-life vampire. The others doubt his suspicions. During the event, Chad gives Melissa five dollars for giving up and doesn't get his money back afterward.

In The Substitute, He eerily rose up from behind Melissa's desk and was slammed against the wall by the Sentient Blob.

In School Dance, Chad comes to believe that Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota are vampire hunters in pursuit of Mr. Drako after they arrive carrying a bag of wooden stakes. He teams up with Melissa and Zack to confront the pair, only to realize they have no interest in Mr. Drako at all.

In A Clockwork Origin, he attended a V-tech demo.

In Some Like it Yacht, he attended a field trip on the school yacht where they were stranded on an island for about an hour before they surfed back to shore on the yacht.

In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!, he worked with Mort to prepared a Halloween party for a group of children. Mort states that the kids were going to be disappointed by their efforts. Luckily, Milo's haunted house falls from the sky and the kids are thrilled.



Mort Schaeffer

Scream (477)

Chad appears to be good friends with Mort, and the two are often seen spending time together outside of class. He shouts in dramatic despair when Mort falls into a shallow ditch during the Athledecamathalon, and Zack stops him from saving Mort to prevent a similar fate. On Halloween, the two of them were tasked with setting up a party together but acknowledged that the children were going to be disappointed by their lack of effort.

Mort seems to be the student most easily influenced by Chad's constant theories and tends to put serious consideration into his 'evidence'.

Melissa Chase

While Chad is always friendly towards Melissa, his strange antics and obsessive theories tend to annoy her. She often scolds him for his behavior and argues against his theories, specifically going out of her way to claim that Mr. Drako is not a vampire. In spite of her arguments, Chad seems to like Melissa and ran to her for help when he thought the school was being invaded by vampire hunters.

Zack Underwood

Chad is on good terms with Zack and often tries to convince him of his theories alongside the others. While Zack doesn't generally go along with Chad's conspiracies, he tends to humor him a lot more then Melissa does, and he's much quicker to believe Chad's unusual claims. When Chad came to Zack with the outrageous claim that the punch at the school dance was actually blood, Zack pretended to go along with it briefly as a joke.

Milo Murphy

While he isn't always afraid of spending time around Milo as other students tend to be, Chad is still cautious about Murphy's Law and hesitated to accept an invitation to his birthday because of it. In spite of this, he's on pretty friendly terms with Milo.


Kyle Drako

Chad spends much of his time gathering evidence and theorizing that his teacher is a vampire, and seems entirely convinced of the fact. While the concept of vampires seems to scare him, Chad doesn't dislike Mr. Drako and puts a lot of effort into protecting him when he believes that the teacher is being hunted. Mr. Drako seems entirely oblivious to his efforts and treats Chad as he treats any student.

Cavendish and Dakota

He meets Cavendish and Dakota after they sneak into the middle school dance. Upon noticing they were holding a bag of wooden stakes he jumped to the conclusion that they were vampire hunters after Mr. Drako. Eventually, he confronted the duo alongside Zack and Melissa, only to find out that they had no interest in Mr. Drako at all.


3 Vampire
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“Mr. Drako is a...vampir.”

“-And we've never seen his reflection in the mirror.”
“I've never seen your reflection in a mirror, Chad.”
“Oh no... I'm a Vampire!”
Chad and Melissa, Discussing whether or not Mr. Drako is a vampire.[source]

“Guys, I lost my shoe. You’re going to have to go on without me.”

“Yeah uh, strange things happen around Milo.”
“Spooky things. Otherworldly...”
“Chad. What have I told you about rising up from under my desk?”
“Not to do it?”
Melissa and Chad[source]

“What a peculiar child.”
“Yeah, he's a weirdo.”
Cavendish and Dakota, about Chad[source]

“Vampire hunters! Look! They brought wooden stakes!”

“Wow. We really stink at planning parties. The kids are gonna be really disappointed.”
“I don't know about you, but I'm gonna grab what's left of the candy.”
Mort and Chad[source]




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