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Gender: Male
Age: 13
Hometown: Danville
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Going The Extra Milo
Voiced by:
Django Marsh

Chad is a student of Jefferson County Middle School.

He is voiced by Django Marsh. [1]

Physical Appearance

Chad has a stockier build, broad shoulders, and a round face. His hair is a shade of orange-brown, cut short with bangs. His eyes are a light shade of brown similar to that of his hair.

He wears a navy-blue short sleeve shirt with a single, light blue stripe across the middle, alongside a pair of grey pants and brown sneakers with white laces. He has braces.


Chad is shown to be a conspiracy theorist, as he believes his teacher, Kyle Drako, is a vampire.


He waited at the bus stop when Milo and Zack were chased away by a concrete drainage pipe and bet they would be late, which he lost. ("Going the Extra Milo")

Chad attended Milo's surprise party despite hesitations. ("Party of Peril")

He attended career day with his class. ("Worked Day")

He was drenched in Lard at Lard World with Lydia. ("Murphy's Lard")

He has a suspicion that Kyle Drako is a real-life vampire, which everyone else doesn't believe. ("Athledecamathalon")

He eerily rose up from behind Melissa's desk and was slammed against the wall by the Sentient Blob. ("The Substitute")

Chad is shown to retain his suspicions and comes to believe that Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota are vampire hunters in pursuit of Mr. Drako when they arrive, carrying a bag of wooden stakes. He teams up with Melissa and Zack to confront the pair, only to realize the two show no interest in Mr. Drako at all. ("School Dance")

He attended a V-tech demo. ("A Clockwork Origin")

He attended a field trip on the school yacht where they were stranded on an island for about an hour before they surfed back to shore on the yacht. ("Some Like it Yacht")

He and Mort, poorly, prepare a Halloween party for children. Luckily, Milo's haunted house falls from the sky and the kids enjoy it. ("Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!")


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Melissa Chase

Melissa seems to dislike Chad's odd behavior, as when she told Chad Mr. Drako was not a vampire ("Athledecamathalon", "School Dance"), or when she told him not to rise up from behind her desk. ("The Substitute")