Brigette Murphy
Gender: Female
Age: Around 40's
Friends and Family
Martin Murphy (husband)
Milo Murphy (son)

Sara Murphy (daughter)

Pets: Diogee (dog)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Rooting for the Enemy
Voiced by:
Pamela Adlon

Brigette Murphy is Sara and Milo's mother and the wife of Martin Murphy who works as a professional architect. She is voiced by Pamela Adlon.


Brigette first appears in Rooting for the Enemy, where she opens the front door of her home to let Diogee back in after he is told he can't attend the football game between the Geckos and the Tigers.

Brigette also appears in Party of Peril, where Zack and Melissa convince her and Martin to hold a surprise birthday party for Milo at a location other than their house for the first time in years.

In Worked Day her career as an architect is touched upon as Milo expresses his uncertainty as to what he should be, and Brigette encourages him, saying that he has time and can do anything he sets his mind to.

In The Wilder West she and her husband drop Milo, Sara, Zack, and Melissa off at the "Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch" while they go shopping at a near by discount outlet, based on the fact that it costs less when they are forced to buy said items when they are broken due to the effects of Murphy's Law. Twice in the course of the episode she forgets Sara; she first forgets that she is in the car while Sara is fixated on her phone, which Brigette encourages her not to focus on the entire time they'really there. The second time she forgets her at the dude ranch after they picked Milo and the others up.

In Family Vacation she calls having four spare tires not overkill.

In Athledecamathalon she and Martin go to Milo's school to drop of his lunch and body armor.


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