Bradley Nicholson
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Friends and Family
Love interests:
Carla the ice cream machine
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Going The Extra Milo
Voiced by:
Vincent Martella

Bradley Nicholson is one of Milo's classmates. He is voiced by Vincent Martella.[1]


Bradley often has his doubts when it comes to Milo, and the trail of destruction he leaves behind. He attempts to persuade Melissa into staying away from Milo. In The Undergrounders he is jealous of Milo and the attention he gets. He also appears to have a slight crush on Melissa, though he attempts to play it cool. We're Going to the Zoo reveals that he has a somewhat malicious streak, as shown when he deliberately teased a giraffe by offering it carrots and then withholding them.

Physical Appearance

Bradley is fair-skinned. He has jet black hair with the longer part on one side and wears glasses.

He wears a gray and white plaid shirt with two pockets and dark gray pants. He also owns a burgundy colored bookbag.


In Going the Extra Milo he starts the wager that Milo and Zack will not make it to school on time. He is shocked when the pair actually make it seconds before the bell.

In The Undergrounders he lectures the class on the way to the museum and is excited when Milo disappears, as he is ignored when ever Milo is around. He is stuck in a stegosaurus rib cage when Milo does arrive.

In Rooting for the Enemy he tries to sit near Melissa but is detoured by Milo. He and everyone else move away from Milo when he comes to the football game. He bluntly states Milo is the reason their team is loosing but is surprised when he caused their team to score by cheering for the opposing team.

In Sunny Side Up he works with Mort and Amanda on their science project. He names his team, Team Melissa in an attempt to get her to join them, much to his teammates annoyance. He arrogantly proclaims victory when his team's egg only gets a hair line fracture.

In Athledecamathalon he is present when Mr. Drako tells his class about the combined event.

In The Substitute he tried to warn Ms. Baxter about Murphy's Law. He prepares for Murphy's Law's effects and panics when a sentient blob attacks the class.

In We're Going to the Zoo he is seen tantalizing a giraffe with carrots before a set of monkeys ride off on them, knocking him off the platform truck he was on.

In School Dance he attended Niagra Falls Fling and was seen dancing when Just Getting Started plays.

In The Llama Incident he is seen in a flashback attending Spanish class with Milo, Melissa, and Diogee.

In Disaster of My Dreams he talks with Elliot about Milo briefly and tells him to fix the water fountain.

In Some Like it Yacht, he warns the faculty about Milo being on a boat. He later becomes entranced by an ice cream machine he names Carla and becomes distraught over its destruction.

In World Without Milo, he is seen crossing the street to school. In the alternate time line he is dressed up as Milo by Elliot, much to his annoyance.


Milo Murphy

Bradley avoids being around Milo as if he is a health hazard. He refuses to be in a close proximity of him and openly berates him for his bad luck.

Melissa Chase

Bradley seems to question why Melissa is friends with Milo.

Mort Schaeffer

Bradley has a fairly neutral attitude to Mort but seemed slightly annoyed by him in The Undergrounders.


The image gallery for Bradley Nicholson may be viewed here.


  • In your face, other people.
  • Caarla!


  • Bradley's voice actor also portrayed Phineas Flynn in Phineas and Ferb; Bradley has been described as the polar opposite of Martella's previous role, which would make him a negative, non-creative, non-triangular-shaped-headed guy. Which he kind of is.
  • In a promo on Disney XD Africa's YouTube channel, it states that Bradley feels he is the perfect soulmate for Melissa.
  • Despite his cold attitude toward Milo, he was seen dancing to him and his band in School Dance.
  • Much like Elliot Decker, his antagonistic relationship with Milo is one-sided on his part.


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