• WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's Lawyers

    So same with my "Theory Corner's" this is a series of blog posts that I will be doing. These will be Charater reviews I have done two other character reviews one about Phineas on this wiki and a character review of the Fireside Girls on the PnF Wiki. It's called "Character Inator"

    Random Guy with Hair: "Wow, what a horrible name!"

    Doof : "Heh heh, I know right!"

    Doof: "Dan, Swampy you can still edit those episodes right?"

    Swampy : "We asked you in those recordings if you we're sure about the whole -inator thing"

    Dan : "Ya and you said absolutely, but then again I can't really understand you."

    Monogram: "You need a voice like this to get respecet DoofenHURTS!"

    Doof: "And a wig, MonoBROW!"

    Monogram: "No Comment"

    Anywho let's get …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    So, my long awaited thoughts are here! You've all wanted to know what I thought, and here it is!

    I thought it was great! There are many great things here, so let's start with that!

    1. The Entire B-Plot!

    I was so impressed by the B plot! Like, I knew that Doof, Perry, Orton, Cavendish and Dakota would be amazing, but... WOW! It was so funny! The orange soda, the beards(THE BEARDS!), the go fish game, the disbelief at Perry, the horrible time machine, the cup holder, Dakota getting the clocks, The sitcom jokes, THE WE'RE GOING TO THE ZOO REFERENCES!

    It was hilarious! Every joke hit!

    The adventure felt fun and awesome, the way it went was fun and it was epic to see them win in the end!

    But, let's be real now, what made this part work was t…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's Lawyers

    Welcome to a new series of blogs I like to call "Theory Corner". 

    Random Guy with Hair: "I love Corn!"

    Cavendish: "I hate you all ready"

    Random Guy with Hair: "Why?"

    Cavendish: "You'll find out sooner or later you slippery beet"

    Anywho these blogs are going to be little theories about MML and PnF if needed. (Like this one). I've already made a theory about the Government Agents  that i'm actually quite proud of. But the Goverment Agents theory doesn't count because of the name, and in the "wise" words of hero Dakota "What're You Going To". 

    Time for Danger! Time for Action! Time for Theory Corner!

    Buford: I get it! because....

    Bajeet: We get it Buford!

    So we all know Joni she's the acaccident prone student in Milo's Class. From…

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  • Goldsith

    (*sewer top comes off city street and I come out, coughing*)

    Wait... No...

    I'm.... I'm Back here again!

    Most likely temporarily.

    So, since we last spoke,

    It's been halloween.

    A Pirahna Plant was announced for Smash Bros.

    I got a switch and Smash Bros.

    And of course, The crossover FINALLY released.

    Here's me with only $0.11 on my Google Play account, unable to buy it.

    I just wanted to say hello, and...

    This wiki might just be used by more people with Season 2.

    Also, I'm one month away from one year of this wiki.

    So there's that.

    See you then.

    And possibly before then.

    Peace Out!

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  • WaffleTail260

    What I We Need In MML

    January 13, 2019 by WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's Lawyers 

    Milo Murphy's Law has been the top of my top three favorite shows being.....

    1. Milo Murphy's Law
    2. Big City Greens
    3. Ducktales (Reboot)

    I love these shows because of what they have in commen like their comedy and their relatable character. But their is one big difference as of January 13, 2019 MML has not made me cry. Where as Big City Greens and Ducktales have both made me cry. The BCG episode that my cry was "Phoenix Rises" and the episode in DT was "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!"

    Now i'm not saying that Phineas and Ferb ever made me cry. Actually PnF did make me cry, but that was just beacause of nostalgic emotions in "Last Day of Summer". I would love to see me cry during a scene with Dakota and Cavendish spliting up or Diogee…

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  • PhinFerbFan5

    You're Welcome Parody

    January 13, 2019 by PhinFerbFan5

    I made that one off joke in another blog about You're Welcome from Moana. But then I decided to follow through with it and write a song based off that scene from Time Out. So you get this:

    " What I believe you're trying to say is "thank you".
    Cavendish: Thank you?!
    Cavendish: What!
    Cavendish: No! What?! Why would I ever...

    Brick: Ok. Ok. I see what's happening here

    You're face to face with greatness but it's strange
    because you don't know how good we are.

    It's .

    I guess never change

    Savannah: Open your eyes, we need to .

    If you haven't noticed we're on a mission.

    Brick: I know they don't teach you how to trade blows,

    when you're babysitting .
    So what can I say except you're welcome
    for beating up that .

    Savannah: If you're getting in our

    You're welcome.

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's Lawyers 

    So on my last blog Arend had a comment that was really insightfull. But since it's a long comment i'm not going to copy and paste it here so just go read it in the comments section of my last blog.

    After you read the comment read bellow

    You actually mad a great point. It really insightfull how you compared it to Marco and Jackie from Star. You have convinced me that if Milo and Melissa become a thing it's not going to be "Milo: Oh no me and Amanda broke up, hey Mellisa want to get togther?". THAT'S JUST STUPID."That reminds me of someone I know."-Random Guy with Hair, that's not going to happen. And if Milissa ever does happen it needs to happen in season three, and that may not even be possible at this point. 

    But on the…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki

    Here was your commet on your blog titled "Welcome Waffletail260".

    WOW. Just... Wow.

    Look, man, what you said about me being the reason you decided to start making blogs here...

    Thank you.

    You have no idea what that means to me. My mission in life is to make people happy. To spread joy and love. To help people improve and to inspire them to create. To live. To be themselves.

    To know that I did something to be the reason you now make blogs...

    I am eternally happy.

    I wish you all the luck and hope to see you prosper here! You're showing much promise and I must say, the random guy with hair is becoming a much loved feature (I too like to have random people talk in my work. You may have detected Cav and Dak discuss topic…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Another round ends and another round starts! Though, I must warn you... This one's a little weird.

    MATCH 27:

    Principal Elizabeth Milder (14) Vs Marcus Underwood (7)

    Well. I didn't expect Milder to wipe the floor with Marcus (though he didn't do too badly in the polls)

    Admittedly, Milder is better written, so I guess justice has been served.

    We'll miss you, DADDY UNDERWOOD (OK, Last Daddy joke, I swear)

    Principal Milder moves on to the next round!

    MATCH 28:

    Sherwin Dusterwinkle (10) Vs Ms. White (9)

    Woah Momma I didn't see this one coming! So close! Heck, if there was more time, Ms. White may have won! (I was surprised to see so many votes for her. Guess she has her fans. Who were probably disappointed in her role in Fun Day. I'll try to wr…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, Murphy's lawyers, 

    So this blog will be stating what I know about Season 2 of Milo Murphy's Law. "Thanks for specifying what show you were talking about, when you said season 2 I thought you were talking about Ducktales"-Random Guy with Hair. The reason i'm doing this is because a lot of people have seen leaks and so have I, but I haven't seen a whole lot. So here's what I know. 

    1. Doof's living with the Murphy's 
    2. Doof and Perry break up (how could I not hear about this really)
    3. Cavendish and Dakota get new jobs with P.I.G.
    4. Bob Block is a creep.
    5. This dosen't have anything to do with anything, but I NEED a glanket.
    6. Armadilo becomes a THING. 
    7. Aliens want Milo's DNA.
    8. I will never have the abability to pronounce "Agee Lente Diogee".
    9. Jeremy Johnson is …
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  • Tugiacat666

    Hey hey guys! It's Tugiacat here. (I should start using introduction like this)

    So with the Crossover episode a.k.a. "The Phineas and Ferb Effect" has officially released in the US, I figure out that I should list out a list of my favoirte characters in the episode, from least favorite to the best.

    Some of the roles are pretty epic, and developing a major point to the story, but there are a few (and yes, a few of P&F big characters) that I find a bit disappointing. It's whether because they don't have enough timeslots to shine, or their role is just unimportant or out-of-character.

    But anyway, this is just my opinion! Let me know what are your thoughts on this in the comments below. Let's start!

    14. Elliot and Amanda

    These two are one of the mo…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Dear, Murphy's Lawyers

    Since their first apperance in "The Note" i've been thinking on what their goal is. Of course i'm talking about the Government Guys. The've only appeared in two episodes (The Note and Family Vacation). And according to the wiki their suppossed to appear in "Now I Am a Murphy". So let's start on what we know about them.

    1. They have access to a disintegration/reintegration ray.
    2. There's at least three agents in the orginization.
    3. They have named a portion of Danville "The Murphy Sector".
    4. The one with blue glasses is named Liutenant Tenant.
    5. Liutenant Tenant can drive (is that what you call it when your in controll of a helicoptor?) a helicopter with a claw on the bottom of it. 
    6. Liutenant Tenant has a brother-in-law and a lawn mowe…
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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Yep, it's back! Finally, we can continue the bracket!

    So, shall we?

    MATCH 24:

    Aunt Laura Murphy (6) Vs The Llamas (27)

    Well, thanks to the long time this poll went on for, these matches have the biggest turnouts. Poor Laura; she just couldn't...



    Compete. That was weird.

    Anyhow, Llamas move on to the next round!

    MATCH 25:

    Eileen Underwood (27) Vs Henry (The Pistachio Vendor Guy From "Murphy's Lard") (3)

    Well, that was a knockout Zack's Mom.

    Please, call me THE CHAMPION!

    Dr. Zack's Mom moves on to the next round!

    MATCH 26:

    Sheriff Murphy (25) Vs Brick (8)

    WOW. I didn't see this coming. I reckon Brick isn't very popular 'round these parts.

    (Ok, no more, I promise!)

    Sheriff Murphy moves on to the next round, I reckon …

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  • Arend

    So earlier, Joshua Pruett decided to answer someone's question on Twitter why Bradley has a vine arm as of The Phineas and Ferb Effect. He said some interesting stuff... about scrapped plans for Melissa.

    Yep, he originally pitched that Melissa would remain a full-time Pistachion, before deciding to reduce it to her arm, and then deciding to give Bradley the arm instead.

    It would've also apparently been a key element to advance the Zalissa ship. He said this in response to someone else how being a Pistachion would work:

    Now, we'd already know that not all Pistachions are evil, seeing the Giant Pistachion in the PnFE, but it's still very interesting. And that Zalissa would be tied to it, too.

    It kind of reminds me of something he said some scrapp…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Dear, Murphy's Lawyers

    First off I love "The Phineas and Ferb Effect". Some People may disagree with this, but personally I love it. I was always afraid on how they would use Phineas. Because Phineas and Milo have one big simulatity they're both really positive. But when the crossover came out Phineas wasn't that positive.

    Sure their are episodes in PnF where he isn't positive. For example "Night of the Living Pharmacists". But That wasn't my only problem with Phineas becsue even though what the situation he always smilies when he's by people. But in the song "How Do I Do It" when Milo is on the exercise bike Phineas is just emotionlessly looking at Milo.

    That's not the Phineas I remember from Phineas and Ferb. This May not be a huge deal, bu…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey, WaffleTail260!

    I want to welcome you into the wiki and tell you a few things!

    First off, congrats on all the work you did! So many edits in so little time! Just astonishing! And you're already 13th in the badges! Keep this up, and you'll be one of our very best!

    Secondly, I am so happy to hear you are planning on making blogs; I am the reason the blogs started here, and one of my goals was that more people will make them. I will definitely check them out, and feel free to check out others! PhinFerbFan5 (A big shot down in the wiki factory!) has a series on time travel and Goldsith (who will be back soon) has a review series for all the songs. And you can check mine; I have a ton of stuff.

    Also, I was allowed to post fanfics, so I think yo…

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey Murphy's Lawyers. so I just joined the wiki. 

    I know what your thinking "Wow he deserves an Emmey for that opening!" (i'm being sarcastic of course). So thats the kind of humor you can expect from me. "Wait that was sopposed to be funny?"-Random Guy with Hair. Anywho let's get started.

    First off I love Milo Murphy's Law and Phineas and Ferb (but most of my Phineas and Ferb stuff will be on the Phineas and Ferb wiki). Milo Murphy's Law is the kind of show that I can turn on any of it's episodes and it will make my day great. I love all of the characters (exept for the Fireside Girls. If you want more on why I don't love the Fireside Girls feel free to check out my Phineas and Ferb User Blog).

    My favorite episode is a tie between "The Phine…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    So, let's talk about what's next on my blog! I have a ton of plans, and while it won't all happen at once, or in a very consistent tone, it will all still happen.

    So, without further ado, let's start!

    1. Character Bracket

    So, it's been gone for a long time, but I really want to continue the bracket! It's only fair too. I mean, you can't just start a bracket and not finish it! So, soon (like, tomorrow or Monday soon) It will be back with results and battles galore!

    2. Every Episode of Milo Murphy's Law Reviewed

    This is a little less likely (though trust me, I want to do it). It's been a while since I've seen MML and I may need some more time, but I will review the rest of the season. Oh, and you will find out about my least favorite. I …

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  • PhinFerbFan5


    At the centre of time related shenanigans is, well, probably Cavendish and Dakota, but just to the right is the Bureau of Time Travel. In an organisation that has multiple people travelling forward, backward, and sideways through time at any given moment, what makes them and their clocks tic? In this blog I'll be taking a look at the Bureau and anything else that comes to mind. No, I won't be answering how their clocks tic. It's a very important question you should ask, but I'll leave it to you guys to find that one out.

    So what's these Bureau guys deals? Looks like they're similar to any other sci fi cartoon covert operation. Although usually legal organisations that oversee time travel are real sticklers for maintaining the status…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    The Perfectionists First Kiss With the Jinx:

    It all started exactly 100 days after they started dating.

    Amanda Lopez, Danville’s local perfectionist and planner, prepared for her first kiss with her boyfriend, local “Jinx”, Milo Murphy.

    Not that they hadn’t kissed before, but it was mostly her giving his cheek a peck. This, this was to be the big one.

    Amanda had waited her whole life for her first real kiss. She had planned the specifics at age 3, chose the location at age 5 and at 9 years old, finally chose the perfect violinist (why were all the violinists in Danville so… Imperfect?)

    In fact, Amanda had planned everything to absolute perfection. Every minute detail was figured out long ago, and she had somehow managed to book her most favorit…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    The sun rose on Danville in its usual, day to day manner, not yet knowing what an important day it was. Perhaps because the author had not yet told the sun about the story. The sun was quite insulted by this, but… (Hey! Give it back, Sun!)

    Sorry about that.

    As the sunlight shined through the small, shabby apartment block, two bodies could be seen sleeping peacefully at their now shared bed: Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish, Former Time Travellers First Class, now Heroes for Hire (if you will).

    They may seem like a couple of unimportant running gags, but believe me when I say they mean so much more.

    These two unimpressive looking men had saved the world countless times since they had moved back to the past, and were finally getting some so…

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  • Tugiacat666

    Happy New Year 2019!

    January 1, 2019 by Tugiacat666

    That's all I can say in a very short blog post!

    I wish you all have great days ahead, boundless energy and passion to anything you're working on, and the joy of watching the show you love... with someone you love. (Familiar, eh?)

    I also send my wish for a brighter future to the show and for the wiki. Hope that our fandom will grow strong. (not necessarily in popularity of course, but it's about all the love and support you've given to it that you'll never forget)

    Happy New Year, everyone!

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    So... Let's talk about my absence.

    It's... Complicated, to say the least.

    My original post was about a sudden loss of my love for Milolissa (and while I believe Arend made an excellent point) It was much more than that.

    For some reason, I just got tired of MML.

    Actually, I have a few reasons:

    1. I was burned out

    End of September and all of October, I was nonstop on the wiki. I believe I made about 50 something posts, the bracket, one-shots, reviewes, edits, and more. It was... Tiring, to say the least.

    Not that it wasn't fun, but man was it exhausting.

    2. HIATUS

    At first, the hiatus didn't hurt me too much. To be fair, I wasn't used to MML hiatuses, having only come in in October 2017, and I have been through tough hiatuses. But there was …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    I know it's been forever...

    I needed much time...

    I will explain very soon...

    But despite my absence, I couldn't not wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, a Happy Kwanza, and all manner of happy holidays...

    Because you don't forget family on Christmas...

    Merry Christmas. And to all, a good night.

    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy.

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  • Boyariffic

    Ending of Snow Way Out

    December 8, 2018 by Boyariffic

    Can someone explain to me the ending of Snow Way Out? How were Milo and Zack able to reverse time by five minutes? All that happened, was Cavendish said that they weren't banned from time travel, but I don't remember them even gaining the rights to time travel to begin with.

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  • PhinFerbFan5


    I'll endeavour to make these blogs spoiler free till the crossover. Shouldn't be hard with the amount of stuff in the first season and my slow rate of posting. (Maybe the occasional vague reference, I can't help myself)

    The more I go through it, the more off topic the first few blogs seem. I don't regret writing them because they helped me start thinking about time travel, but you may not need them to understand these blogs now that I'm focusing more on MML. I bring it up because it's time to throw what little remains of those models away. Specifically the dynamic model I made (which is the only one partially left). You could say attempting to understand time travel is the inconsequential thing here.

    At the start of that blog I said…

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  • Serendipitacely


    November 13, 2018 by Serendipitacely

    Hey Everyone!

    The wiki has been very quiet lately - which is completely fine! Like I said on my last post, I hope you guys are having a great time, whatever you're up to!

    However, season 2 is on its way, and there are a number of things I want to improve before then. I'll be updating this blog post with different changes over time to keep a dedicated log for anyone who feels like catching up and sharing their thoughts! ((Bigger changes will still be saved for technical blog posts, though)).

    So as always, let me know what you think!

    Today I'm planning on updating the galleries for improved ease of use and aesthetic. I'll be making some minor changes, switching the separate Gallery Template links into tabs like the ones that we have on the Minor…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Thank you guys so much!

    All of you helped me now so much!

    I appreciate all the advice and the hugs... I give hugs in return and I will return.

    I'll b gone until Wednesday night, and I'll take it easier.

    I'll also be listening to all those songs: Thanks man!

    Anyway, I'll be back on my feet!

    I love you guys.

    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy.

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    I'm still taking a break and all, but... I need some help.

    Besides burnout and some stress, I'm also struggling with, of all things, Milo and Melissa's bond.

    Was there a trigger?

    Do I not love them anymore?

    Is there any reason for my struggle?



    I just feel... Strange.

    And everything I try isn't working.

    If one of you, anyone, who has an appreciation for the bond as much as I do, could write some sort of supporting and appreciative comment... That would help a lot.


    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy.

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    The last round featured some interesting names. The battles all ended pretty conclusively, but they were still pretty tense!

    Our next few... Are a tad disappointing, but still.

    Anyways, here we go!

    MATCH 21:

    Concepcion (0) Vs Mr. Kyle Drako (14)

    Well, I feel bad for Concepcion. Someone give her a hug! Anyway, Drako rocks, so I do feel good.

    Also, I actually misspelled Concepcion's name! Geez.

    Mr. Drako moves on to the next round!

    MATCH 22:

    Carla (The soft serve machine) (6) Vs Elliot Decker (9)



    Ok, I'm kidding! I love you guys! But, I am disappointed. To quote Mr. Incredible "He got away..."

    But, the fact that Carla, a ICE CREAM DISPENSER managed to get this close...

    We have hope. (Sor…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    He wowed you with "Fun Day"...

    He thrilled you with "Diameter: Part 2"...

    He got your hearts soaring with "Homosexual" (Story 1)...




    Featuring: The greatest ship of all time!

    One Shot 8: Homosexual (Story 2)

    The crescent moon shone brightly, like a gigantic mosquito lamp in space, which was round, as a rugged, primal nut monster named Lardee Boy Pistachion walked in the vacant streets, licking his wounds and howling in the night ('cause howling in the day was not nearly as fun). He had just lost to humans! He thought. "To Humans?!" And pretty pathetic looking ones, in his opinion (though the snacky one had an aura about him. Quite pleasant, for a human).

    He wanted to forget his shame,…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    So, for this extra post, I wanted to rank all the Cavendish and Dakota plots, especially after I just reviewed this great Cavendish and Dakota plot! These two are just the best, and talking about them is always fun, so I hope we can have some fun with this!

    Now, I know that I haven’t reviewed every episode yet, but don’t worry! I will not spoil these reviews here! In fact, the episodes I haven’t reviewed yet will only receive the smallest of details in this ranking. You won’t know what I think of these episodes.

    Oh, and just wanted to add: I LOVE CAVENDISH AND DAKOTA. Every plot is a good one. Seriously, not a single one has been bad. So, this is going to be fun!

    26. The Note (They Just Standin’ There!)

    Ok, look, I said there aren’t …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    Well, we just had arguably the least exciting round yet: every round was one sided (I'm not complaining though: My awesome daughter wiped the floor with Tigers fan! Melissa Chase, Boom!)

    So, let's talk results and new round!

    MATCH 18:

    Tigers Fan (0) Vs Melissa Chase (16)

    OH YEAH! Ok, sorry, I know I've been very one sided on this one, and I promise it won't happen again, but... Can you really blame me?!

    Anyway, to no ones surprise, Melissa totally won it, and while she didn't break any records, she passes with flying colors!

    Melissa moves on to the next round!

    MATCH 19:

    The Foreman (The Undergrounders) (3) Vs The Mezzo Soprano Lead (12) (thanks for whoever came up with lead! Much better word!)

    The closest battle this round. Wow. I did say …

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  • Goldsith

    Noone even noticed.

    Did you guys forget about me?

    Pistachio Partners is much better than "Pistachio Preservers". Bleh.

    Speaking of Bleh, someone get Mr. Drako out of the water cooler.


    Catchiness: 8

    Humorous Lyrics:

    "It's delightful, and though it may sound cliché 
    You can really go far
    And that's despite all the really gruesome obstacles in your way."

    Context: Milo is sleepwalking through the woods. 

    Fun Fact: This song takes up most of Milo & Co.'s plotline, but the episode's named after it.

    Overall Rating: 8.7777777777777/10

    Seriously, get him out of there.

    Next: Some Like it Boat. That sounds vaguely like Cold, Right?

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    You know, You only become more amazing every single day!

    First off, let me say, how happy I am to see you want to do this. Due to some things you shared with me, I know this is not an easy thing for you. This is not something you do. But the fact that you are willing to share your art, and that I am in some way an inspiration for that...

    Man, that is some amazing stuff.

    I cannot wait to see what you have in store (the little sneak peak of your November art was great!)

    Well... You can definitely expect some reactions from me (though I am not drawing person, so I can't help too much).

    If I may request...

    1. Dakevendish (anything you want. I know that drawing them would make you happy, so go wild!)

    2. Milo and Melissa (one of them sitting and wa…

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  • Serendipitacely

    Art Requests!

    October 29, 2018 by Serendipitacely

    Hey everyone! Just a quick update to this post - I'm officially closing* requests for the time being. Thank you all so much for all the great requests you've made! They've all been really fun to work on so far, and it feels great to draw regularly again.

    It will take a while to finish the requests, but I'm excited to get them to you guys eventually - I'll make a separate post for them when I do.

    Hey everyone!

    I've been saying this a lot lately, but I don't know where to start - 

    Oh man. Our group project has been amazing beyond anything... the work everyone has been doing has been incredible, and working together has been incredible, and - just, everything!

    I'm so happy, and I'm so excited to see what's next. I'm so grateful that I get to be he…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!


    ONE-SHOT 8: Homosexual

    They first met on a fateful day at Time Bureau Hq. Their boss, Mr. Block, was desperate for pistachios. For such a small time, easy mission, he needed two unoccupied, low ranking agents. He chose his bottom two: Balthazar Cavendish, a screw up who had yet to accomplish anything significant, and Vinnie Dakota, who besides fixing the missuri… Louisiana compromise, had also done nothing but screw up. The two were given the task.

    “And that’s all you need to know. Understand?”, asked Mr. Block.

    “Understood, sir!”, said Cavendish, eager to succeed.

    “What he said”, said Dakota, a lot loose than his tall partner.

    “Good. Now get out! You’re wasting valuable pistachio protecting time! Ooh, I made a funny!”, said …

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  • Goldsith

    I missed something, didn't I?

    Cavendish and Dakota!

    I'm probably the only person who made a Dakota Mii...

    Catchiness: 5 (Middle)

    Humorous Lyrics:

    "Don't look at me for an itinerary
    I've got no agenda, no plans
    Let's just keep it all arbitrary"

    "You know the one that has the spinach and the cheese croissant
    Or we could just chill and be all nonchalant"

    "Nothing on my to-do list that needs addressing"

    The most relatable song to me.

    Context: Cavendish and Dakota are, well, just messing around.

    Fun Fact: The Pistachio Preservers (Yeah, Not my best) go to multiple locations previously seen in Season 1. Also, Did Cavendish die on the statue? Island of Lost Dakotas foreshadowing?

    Overall Rating: 7.8/10 

    I missed this wiki.

    Next: Being on Smashpedia gave "campin…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    So, just like with the crossover, I'm doing a post about Season 2. Specifically, why I'm worried and excited (starting with worried so that I can finish on a positive note).

    Season 2 has taken a long time to arrive. For some of us, we're still waiting. I've heard a lot, and I have many opinions. Here's why I'm worried, with some counter arguments on why I shouldn't be worried and instead, I should be positive (in true MML fashion!).

    1. Overuse of "Phineas and Ferb" Characters, Leading to Underuse of Milo Murphy's Law Characters. Especially Doof.

    I said this in the crossover post, and I'll say it again: I really don't want the Phineas and Ferb characters to take over. I have learned that Doof is staying over in their house and factors…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    You know how in great shows, you have those episodes that are really, really great, and in other shows, they’d be at the top, but in a show like this, they’re only in the middle?

    What I’m trying to say is, Milo Murphy’s Law is amazing, and this episode is excellent! (anything else that’s obvious that you want to say?... You look like you have a lobster bib. Ugh!)

    The episode is comprised of two simple plots: Cavendish and Dakota are trying to stop the pistachio plant from surviving (which after all this time, is kind of hilarious) and Melissa and Zack are trying to stop Milo from sleepwalking to death.

    Both plots keep changing though: With Cavendish and Dakota, it starts with an intro to the situation, turns into them messing around, then to …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    (Black screen)

    (A circle is shown. Its diameter is calculated, and the equation is written down. The numbers are then mixed and matched and are turned into a title:


    (A simple white background is shown (a la “Avatar:TLA”)


    “When we last saw our heroes, they had returned from a disgusting chore in the renaissance, only to find themselves in an AU where people only know one thing: The diameter of every circle they see, and just that. This was no one’s fault, least of all Dakota, but that’s not the point. Anyhow, after a weird encounter with Milo Murphy, the two found a bunch of nukes sent into the city, and decided to go back to the car…”

    “Dakota, why are you telling me all this? I was with you the entire ti…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Great to see our first project! Couldn't agree more; quotes are lacking (E.G, Melissa's main quote is "Looks like we're gonna have to let him in to the llama club, Milo", which feels unfitting).

    I very much want to help, and will brainstorm Melissa quotes (and other characters, if needed. Sara could use some love) as soon as possible. But I can only do it tomorrow, I'm about to go to sleep.

    Oh, and I think you can all count on me working on quotes for the relationship pages (particularly Milo and Melissa). Relationship pages; those were my first edits. Memories!

    Anyway, I'll get to work asap, Cap!

    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy.

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  • Serendipitacely

    Hey Everyone!

    Our first group effort is to get impactful quotes onto our character pages! So without further adieu - 

    If you go on to our character pages, something that will really stand out (And not in the best way) are the quotes under the 'Quote' section. There are few quotes on each page, and some characters don't even have a section for it at all. The quotes are listed off in point form - this is great for trivia, but personally, it feels really lacking when used for quotes.

    While the current state doesn't necessarily make the page worse, it can be so much better! Quotes are an absolutely amazing way to let our characters shine, and to grab interest in a way that descriptions may not be able to. Quotes give a chance to really capture a …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    Written by Martin Olsson (6) and Scott Peterson (5)

    Storyboarded by Diana Huh (1)

    Directed by Robert F. Hughes (16)

    Milo, Melissa and Zack go camping, but Milo starts to sleepwalk, which puts him across much danger. Melissa and Zack do their best to save him. Meanwhile, Cavendish and Dakota, charged with another pistachio mission and knowing what might happen if a pistachio survives, decide to take a ditch day.

    Fun Fact:

    It’s actually dangerous not to wake a sleepwalker. They could seriously hurt themselves. Well, that’s not a very fun fact.

    Comedic Highlights:

    “I love nature! When it’s not on fire.”, “The cruel indifference of larger animals devouring smaller animals”, “And the annoying nibble of small woodland…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    This isn't something I usually do; I just really wanted to talk to you guys because your comments as of late have been fantastic!


    First off, just wanted to say thank you for your comment on "Fun Day!". I really appreciate that you kept an open mind despite it focusing on a ship you're not a fan of. It made me feel really good, and I think you should be proud of yourself. Also, I was happy to see you start a history page for Amanda (if anyone on the wiki should, it's you!) and speaking of her; Yep, I'm sorry about Amanda. I really am. Sara also lost (though in different circumstances) and if Melissa loses early (maybe she gets Cavendish?), I would be devastated. I relate to you, so again, sorry that she ended up with Dakota.


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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    Another round finishes! It was quite the turnout, and here it comes! Also, a certain LEGENDARY CHARACTER WHO ONLY MAKES ME FEEL GOOD IS IN THIS ONE!

    Oh, and some other people…

    MATCH 15:

    Mort Schaeffer (15) Vs Government Agents (4)

    Must admit, didn’t think it would be this one sided. Happy for Mort, though! Guess his chakra was in the right place.

    Mort moves on to the next round!

    MATCH 16:

    Vinnie Dakota (20) Vs Amanda Lopez (5)

    Wow. This battle broke almost 2 records! Biggest turnout (25 votes) and most votes for a single character (20). I feel really bad for Amanda and those who love her (not that I don’t). She, like Sara, deserved a much higher finish. Well, there’s always next year, and, if her performances are as strong as people say, …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    So, after I made the Spider-Murphy trailers, I really fell in love with the idea of Milo Murphy’s Law and Spider-Man. I tried writing an original story, but I don’t know what to do with that yet, so I’m keeping that for another time. But, I have been loving the Into The Spider-Verse trailers! I am so excited! And, wouldn’t you know it, I actually found some connections with MML! So, here’s my second venture into this, with another AU (not related to the Niagara Falls Fling), which is made of AU’s. H’mm.

    Also, I am planning more one-shots about Milo’s heroism in the future (not with spider powers, though). He is going to be an important part of the TMMLWG One-shots. Believe me. I love the guy.

    Oh, and I may have a project concerning …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    I forgot to do Tuesday, but get this:

    Wednesday: 5:30 PM Milo Murphy's Law

    Thursday: 5:30 PM Milo Murphy's Law

    Friday: 11:00 AM Halloween Scream-A-Torium!

    Friday: 14:00 PM: Halloween Scream-A-Torium!

    Monday: 5:30 PM: Milo Murphy's Law

    Tuesday: 5:30 PM: Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!

    Wednesday (Halloween): 13:25 PM: Halloween Scream-A-Torium!

    Oh, and on Monday (I think) they're showing Wallace and Gromit: Curse of The Were Rabbit!

    Hope you're happy!

    Share your thoughts on the special once you've seen it!

    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy.

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  • Serendipitacely

    I was going to post the first Technical post today - (Still thinkin' about it!) but I'm actually having trouble deciding on subject one, so I figured I'd ask instead -

    Would you guys rather talk about Infoboxes or Galleries?

    And on another note, I was planning on making some quick changes around the wiki - they're not big, but I'd love your input and ideas. (If this section was more significant, it would probably belong in the forums)

    • Community Message: We've really outgrown that original message (You can see it on the right side of the 'Special:WikiActivity' section).  I'd like to rewrite it soon - let me know what you think we should add!
    • Header - This is the most important one as far as input goes - not everyone uses the header the same.

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey guys!

    Another 3 matches finish, and another 3 matches start; one of which is going to be AMAZING!

    Let’s do this!

    MATCH 12:

    Squirrel (World Without Milo) (13) Vs Charlene and Sharon Brulee (Twins) (5)

    I’ve got to admit, I thought the twins would do better than this. I can see how some people might find them annoying, or prefer the concept of a talking squirrel, so I can get that. Still, I wasn’t expecting so many votes for the squirrel. Woah!

    The Squirrel moves on to the next round!

    Match 13:

    Uncle Joey Murphy (6) Vs Derek (9)

    This was the closest battle in this part of the bracket (and in a way, the only battle this time that wasn’t one sided). Derek just managed to pull through though. As you know, I am not a big fan of Joey, but I can see why…

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