Balthazar Cavendish
Balthazar portrait
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Professional Information
  Time Traveler
Friends and Family
Vinnie Dakota
Milo Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Doctor Zone Files"
Voiced by:
Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
...I didn't study time travel for twenty cycles to end up as a blasted nut cart operator. I joined up to save the world!

— Cavendish, upon receiving a mission

Balthazar Cavendish is a supporting character in Milo Murphy's Law.

He is dressed in a 1870s style. Along with partner Vinnie Dakota, he is one-half of a pair of time-traveling agents who are given seemingly inconsequential missions involving the protection of pistachios — apparently so that their boss in 2175 will have them. While it is implied no other time agents wish to work with them, in Missing Milo it turns out they become crucial to the future, the time stream, and even serve as the inspiration for the Dr. Zone television phenomenon.


Cavendish is a serious man who does whatever he can to ensure a task is a success. He may also be prone to paranoia: when Dakota pointed out that Milo Murphy is close by whenever they fail, Balthazar decided that Milo was a counter-agent sent to thwart them.

Physical Appearance

Cavendish is a tall man with gray hair and a large handlebar mustache. Dressing as though he's from the 1870's, he wears an olive green three-piece suit with a brown vest, a white dress shirt, and a pink tie. He wears a matching green top hat and goggles, and a pair of black and white dress shoes.

The man has very pale skin and turquoise eyes, often sporting a rather judgemental expression.


Aside from the opening credits, he first appears in The Doctor Zone Files arguing with Vinnie Dakota about the pronunciation of "pistachios" and how he doesn't speak to the customers. He happens to be a little dumber than Vinnie, as he told Vinnie never to speak with the customers, despite Vinnie stating that he was speaking to Balthazar instead of the customers. Balthazar even accuses Vinnie of sabotaging their pistachio stand when it blew sky high, though Vinnie pointed out that Balthazar spilled some ingredients that jammed the broiler in the first place, much to Balthazar's annoyance. Just after the pistachio stand exploded, they - seemingly - disappeared.

He made cameo appearances with Dakota in The Note, Party of Peril and The Wilder West, usually manning a pistachio cart.

In Smooth Opera-tor, they are running a concession stand at the opera house after tying up Bob. They mess up serving Milo four, resulting in all of the nut falling out. Balthazar blames Vinnie.

In Worked Day, Cavendish and Dakota have an expanded role, in which they are assigned a mission to see that a truck of pistachios safely gets to a warehouse. Balthazar is determined to complete the task - going so far as to take over driving the truck - while putting up with Dakota's different suggestions as to what they should do for lunch afterward. After driving the truck to the wrong location in Danville, the pair attempt to drive it to the correct location only to get dragged off course by an overloading MRI machine, which causes the truck to crash into a hospital.

In Family Vacation, where, after the Brulees' RV - carrying Milo - crashes into a building Cavendish and Dakota are in, Balthazar blames Dakota again.

In Murphy's Lard, he and Dakota secure a pistachio stand at Lard World, with Balthazar erecting a defensive structure while Dakota sits around eating or playing his various instruments. They succeed in protecting the pistachios from two threats, only for the stand to be destroyed after they prematurely take the protector down.

Balthazar and Dakota make another appearance in Secrets and Pies where they have been assigned to keep pistachios from leaking out of a silo. After temporary success, unfortunately, the silo collapses and they - and Veronica - get caught in a tidal wave of nuts.

In The Substitute, Cavendish and Dakota are transporting a futuristic fertilizer to a pistachio sapling by Milo's school only for their Quantum Localizer to land them in a science class closet right before running out of power. The fertilizer ends up mixing with another chemical to become a sentient blob, which grabs the pair and throws them out into the hallway. Balthazar is then able to chase Diogee away from the seedling only to end up stepping on it; what is left of the blob soon comes out of the school's vent and brings it back to life with unknown consequences.

In Time Out, Vinnie and Balthazar end up bothering Brick and Savannah, fellow time travel agents, where it is mentioned he and Balthazar are both dressed in outfits "from the '70s" respectively. As well as finding out that both are considered terrible at their job and they were given such a low-level job because nobody else wanted it.

By We're Going to the Zoo, due to Milo Murphy's recurring presence at the sites of failed missions, Balthazar has come to suspect that Milo is an operative from another time travel agency attempting to sabotage him and Dakota. He and Dakota then go to the zoo on orders from their superior Mr. Block, only for the pistachios they are guarding to be eaten by giraffes after Milo once again appears.

In School Dance, he and Dakota head to their office and narrowly avoid a confrontation with their landlord, who demands that they pay their rent. They then contact Mr. Block, who gives them a new mission while also informing them that there is no rival time travel agency to which Milo belongs. Balthazar is unconvinced and so takes Dakota - carrying a bag of wooden stakes that they're supposed to use to support plants at a pistachio farm - to Milo's middle school dance hoping to discover the truth. The two are mistaken for vampire hunters in pursuit of Kyle Drako by Chad, and Balthazar accidentally sends the band for the dance into the near future when he drops his temporal transporter while pursuing Milo. The pair is left with no conclusive evidence that Milo is working against them, though a misunderstanding with the students who think they are vampire hunters has Cavendish more convinced than ever that Milo is opposing their efforts.

Cavendish appears again in The Little Engine That Couldn't, where he and Dakota are assigned to transport two boxes of pistachios using their new vehicle: a red tandem bike. Balthazar looks on this as yet another case of being demeaned by his superiors, but is distracted when the bike and pistachios are crushed by a runaway antique fire engine carrying Milo Murphy. Determined to find out who Milo is working for — since he is unaware that Milo isn't working for anyone — he drags Dakota in pursuit of Milo. They briefly interact with Milo and witness him saving a number of cats sent flying by the engine, and Dakota catches one that resembles Cavendish. The cat also demonstrates the tendency to mock him, both before and after the pair are thrown from the engine into a nearby pond.

In The Llama Incident he and Dakota are seen moving pistachio gelatin when a prop donut falls on the container, causing the gelatin to cover a nearby middle school girl and causing llamas to chase her.

In Missing Milo, Milo gets swept up on their latest pistachio mission and helps to save the future, specifically their headquarters' home time period of 2175.

In Star Struck, Tobias Trollhammer sees Cavendish and Dakota on a runaway pistachio cart.

In Perchance to Sleepwalk, he and Dakota are still being mocked by Mr. Block over the pistachions. They think it will happen again, so they do not complete the assignment and take the day to themselves. They eventually destroy the pistachios themselves and get put on renaissance outhouse duty.

In Backward to School Night, Dakota shows him gadgets he took from Brick and Savannah. Using one of them, Dakota then turns himself and others into toddlers. It breaks, and after chasing down Dakota for a necessary part, he fixes the machine and turns everyone back to their proper ages.

In The Race, he and Dakota are accidentally sent back to 1875 where they meet other time travelers and the first of Milo's ancestors to be affected by Murphy's Law. He eventually aids them in getting back to Milo's present.

In Love Toboggan, he and Dakota are startled when Milo and company come out of the sewers on a jet-propelled toboggan.

In The Island of Lost Dakotas, it has been revealed that he has died in multiple other timelines so Dakota travels back to save him and sends his other self to an island populated by Dakotas.

In Fungus Among Us, he and Dakota escort Milo to 1965 to deliver a note. They encounter Derek, a pistachion, who is trying to replace the human race with his own kind. They escape with Orton Mahlson and arrive in Milo's time two weeks after they left. They then realize Derek's plan has been in motion for fifty years and they find the pistachions' headquarters and narrowly escape them again in the sewers with Diogee. They go to Professor Time to help him invent time travel sooner when they meet Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!, he learns about Halloween and goes trick-or-treating with Vinnie on the last Halloween ever. Cavendish reprimands his partner for stealing and losing a time grenade and realizes they are the reason Halloween vanished. They find the time grenade and save Halloween, in the process creating leap years.

In A Christmas Peril, in the year 2195, he and Dakota had a falling out over an egg roll. He goes back twenty years to the Time Bureau holiday party to stop the fight, not knowing Dakota had the same idea. His first attempt to steer them away from the buffet fails, his second attempt to eat the egg roll before they see it gets him mauled by a velociraptor Dakota brought and his third attempt to dress like an egg roll to scare them away get him attacked by a velociraptor. He and Dakota team up to destroy the party to stop the fight with battle suits, velociraptors, aliens in Santa suits and a pirate ship fail when their past selves are oblivious to everything around them. They then reveal themselves and tell them they have been trying to stop the fight. Their past selves make up after seeing all their future selves around them. After their future selves are erased from existing they go to Milo's time for egg rolls. In a revamped 2195 he and Dakota are at a book signing for their shared memoir and cherish their friendship.


Vinnie Dakota

Main Article: Cavendish and Dakota's Relationship

Dakota is Cavendish's partner in the Bureau of Time Travel. Cavendish likes to think of himself as the leader of the two, and often takes charge over their relatively basic missions, ordering Dakota around in the process ("The Doctor Zone Files", "Worked Day", "The Substitute").

Mr. Block

Mr. Block is Cavendish's boss in the Bureau of Time Travel. While Mr. Block treats him with open contempt, Cavendish is always eager to prove himself and doesn't tend to acknowledge his boss's rudeness. ("School Dance", We're Going to the Zoo", "Missing Milo").

While Dakota expresses open frustration when their boss mocks them for claiming to have saved the world, Cavendish understands Mr. Block's point of view and reminds his partner that the rude reaction is not entirely unreasonable ("Missing Milo", "Perchance to Sleepwalk").

Milo Murphy

Main Article: Cavendish and Milo's relationship

Initially, Cavendish paid Milo no mind, treating him as he would any other customer. Upon having Dakota point out Milo's proximity in nearly every one of their failed missions, Cavendish jumped to the conclusion that the boy had to be an enemy counter-agent set on thwarting them ("Time Out"). He went on to treat Milo rather badly in spite of the boy's unwavering friendliness towards him.

As of the episode Missing Milo, Cavendish has come to appreciate the boy, having warmed up to him after the defeat of King Pistachion.

Brick and Savannah

Cavendish took the first-class agents words to heart when they mocked him for being 'the lowest of the low', as before that he seemed genuinely annoyed that he didn't get the same treatment as an agent as they did ("Time Out"). While the first class time travelers constantly treat him badly, he doesn't seem to dislike them in return and has even asked for favors on a few occasions ("Time Out", "Missing Milo").

Since being demoted after being tattled on by Brick and Savannah for destroying pistachios, Cavendish, alongside Dakota, has taken to doing all he can to ensure that the first class agents' pistachio based missions end in failure ("Perchance to sleepwalk", "The Race").


Balthazar and Vinnie
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  • Where's my limo? Where's my fish tank? Where's my attractive partner?
  • Of course he is. Who else could undermine our every mission with such precision?
  • A peach. Who the devil would throw a peach?
  • You're just saying words! Give him some actual information he can use!


  • He is voiced by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh[1] - one of the show's creators.
  • He acts as though he is Vinnie's boss, although they're actually partners.
  • As of Time Out he believes that Milo is trying to thwart his and Vinnie's pistachio missions. But eventually, in Missing Milo, he learned that Milo has no intention of doing so and the reason behind the mishaps was due to the effects of Murphy's Law.
  • Like his partner, Cavendish is scarcely referred to by his first name.



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