Balthazar Cavendish
Balthazar portrait
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Professional Information
  Time Traveler
  Time Bureau
Friends and Family
Vinnie Dakota
Milo Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Doctor Zone Files"
Voiced by:
Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
...I didn't study time travel for twenty cycles to end up as a blasted nut cart operator. I joined up to save the world!

— Cavendish, upon receiving a mission, Time Out

Balthazar Cavendish is a supporting character in Milo Murphy's Law.

He is dressed in an 1870s style. He and his partner Vinnie Dakota are a pair of time-traveling agents who are given seemingly inconsequential missions involving the protection of pistachios — apparently so that their boss in 2175 will have them. While it is implied no other time agents wish to work with them, it turns out that he and Dakota become crucial to the future and the time stream. He served as the inspiration for the Doctor Zone franchise's title character.


Cavendish is a serious man who does whatever he can to ensure a task is a success. He may also be prone to paranoia: when Dakota pointed out that Milo Murphy is close by whenever they fail, Cavendish decided that Milo was a counter-agent sent to thwart them.

Physical Appearance

Cavendish is a tall, thin man with short gray hair and a large handlebar mustache that is curled at the tips. He has a pale complexion and bright, turquoise eyes, often sporting a rather judgemental expression.

Dressing as though he's from the 1870's, Cavendish wears an olive green three-piece suit with coat-tails that go down to his knees. His brown vest features four gold colored buttons and the chain of his pocket-watch, and beneath this, he wears a white dress shirt with a pink tie.

He wears a small, matching green top hat with goggles, a pair of square, frameless glasses, and a pair of black and white dress shoes.


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Vinnie Dakota

Main article: Cavendish and Dakota's Relationship

Dakota is Cavendish's partner in the Bureau of Time Travel. Cavendish likes to think of himself as the leader of the two, and often takes charge over their relatively basic missions, ordering Dakota around in the process ("The Doctor Zone Files", "Worked Day", "The Substitute").

Mr. Block

Mr. Block is Cavendish's boss in the Bureau of Time Travel. While Mr. Block treats him with open contempt, Cavendish is always eager to prove himself and doesn't tend to acknowledge his boss's rudeness. ("School Dance", We're Going to the Zoo", "Missing Milo").

While Dakota expresses open frustration when their boss mocks them for claiming to have saved the world, Cavendish understands Mr. Block's point of view and reminds his partner that the rude reaction is not entirely unreasonable ("Missing Milo", "Perchance to Sleepwalk").

Milo Murphy

Main article: Cavendish and Milo's Relationship

Initially, Cavendish paid Milo no mind, treating him as he would any other customer. Upon having Dakota point out Milo's proximity to nearly every one of their failed missions, Cavendish jumped to the conclusion that the boy had to be an enemy counter-agent set on thwarting them ("Time Out"). He went on to treat Milo rather badly in spite of the boy's unwavering friendliness towards him.

Cavendish has come to appreciate Milo, having warmed up to him after the defeat of King Pistachion. ("Missing Milo")

Brick and Savannah

Cavendish took the first-class agents' words to heart when they mocked him for being "the lowest of the low", as before that he seemed genuinely annoyed that he didn't get the same treatment as an agent as they did ("Time Out"). While the first class time travelers constantly treat him badly, he doesn't seem to dislike them in return and has even asked for favors on a few occasions ("Time Out", "Missing Milo").

Since being demoted after being tattled on by Brick and Savannah for destroying pistachios, Cavendish, alongside Dakota, has taken to doing all he can to ensure that the first class agents' pistachio missions end in failure ("Perchance to sleepwalk", "The Race").


Balthazar and Vinnie
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  • Where's my limo? Where's my fish tank? Where's my attractive partner?
  • Of course he is. Who else could undermine our every mission with such precision?
  • A peach. Who the devil would throw a peach?
  • You're just yelling words! Give him some actual information he can use!


  • He is voiced by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh[1] - one of the show's creators.
  • He acts as though he is Dakota's boss, although they're actually partners.
  • In "Time Out" he believes that Milo is trying to thwart his and Dakota's pistachio missions. In "Missing Milo", he learned that Milo has no intention of doing so and the reason behind the mishaps was due to the effects of Murphy's Law.
  • Like his partner, Cavendish is scarcely referred to by his first name.
  • He seems to be allergic to feathers as seen in Backward to School Night.



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