Melissa: I love the Scholastic Decathlon. It's the only event where knowing the blood type of all the presidents doesn't make me a freak, it makes me an athlete.

Zack: And I love the Athletic Decathlon. You know, because I'm an actual athlete who doesn't know the blood type of presidents.

Milo: Athledecamathalon? What the heck is Athledecamathalon?

Mort: Well, athla means sport, but math; mind blown, man.

Milo: Let's ask Mr. Draco.

Chad: Mr. Drako is a vampire.

Melissa: Chad, he is not a vampire.

Chad: No. Vampire.

Milo: He just has a widows' peek.

Zack: And he's pale.

Milo: And he has that accent.

Chad: And we've never seen his reflection in a mirror.

Melissa: I've never seen your reflection in a mirror, Chad.

Chad: Oh no. I'm a Vampire!

Mr. Drako: Hello, children.

Mort: Chad was right, he has all his mirrors covered.

Melissa: He's not a vampire. Mr. Drako, Why do you have all your mirrors covered?

Mr. Drako: Oh those aren't mirrors. They're pitchers of my ex-wife. Stop looking at me Agnes!

Melissa: Why don't you just take them down?

Mr. Drako: Then where would I hang my sheets?

Milo: Um. We wanted to find out about this Athledecamathalon.

Mr. Drako: Funny story. The school board wasted a lot of money buying that yacht. So now we have to combine your Athletic and Scholastic Decathlons in one event, which shouldn't be a problem if you're great at all sports and all academics.

Mort: No fair. Who's good at academics and sports?

Milo: Abraham Lincoln.

Melissa: Blood type A.

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