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First Appearance:
  "Going the Extra Milo"
Last Appearance:
  "Murphy's Lard"

These Aliens are a pair of extraterrestrials who make recurring appearances in Milo Murphy's Law.


They first appear in "Going the Extra Milo" when Milo Murphy and Zack Underwood land on top of their ship's skylight on their way to school. After bringing the two aboard their ship the aliens seemed to be ready to dissect their heads, as they were testing some unknown spinning tool, until being informed by Zack that the two needed to get to school, at which point they teleported both students to their first period class at Jefferson County Middle School just in time.

They later appeared again in "Murphy's Lard"when their ship crashed into the orbiting head of Lardee Boy, which they apparently recognized.


The two aliens seem interested in humans, as they took Milo and Zack in their spaceship. When the two fell on the spaceship, one of the aliens pointed at Zack. This probably means they're interested in him, or just pointed at him randomly. They travel around in the spaceship, in fact they've always been seen inside it, under a cliff and into stratosphere. They somehow know amusement parks but feel neutral about Lardee Boy, which they hit without remorse.